Shimokita Glory Days (JDrama 2006)

Shimokita Glory Days (Japanese Drama 2006)Shimokita Glory Days (JDrama 2006)

• Title: 下北GLORY DAYS (しもきたグローリーデイズ)
• Title (romaji): Shimokita GLORY DAYS
• Episodes: 12
• Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
• Broadcast period: 2006-Apr-14 (2006-Apr-20 on TV Osaka) to 2006-Jul-08
• Air time: Friday 24:12
• Opening Theme: Lovespace by Natori Kaori

Based on a Manga of the same name, Shimokita GLORY DAYS is a late-night Japanese comedy/drama/romace airing currently in Japan. The basic story line involves a guy running away from his responsibilites to the family business who tries to get into college to get a girl. Pretty basic. The twist is he ends up staying in a house full of five exceptionally beautiful women, all of whom are constantly exciting him in some way.

Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Format: AVI
Size: 1 DVD [data]

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