Mr Brain (J-Drama) (2009)

Mr Brain (J-Drama) (2009)
Mr Brain (J-Drama) (2009)

* Title: MR. BRAIN
* Format: Renzoku
* Genre: Comedy, mystery
* Episodes: 8
* Broadcast network: TBS
* Broadcast period: 2009-May-23 start
* Theme song: JUMP by Van Halen
* Country: Japan
* Language: Japanese
* Subtitle: English Hardsubbed by TimeLesSub
* Status: Complete

Tsukumo Ryusuke is a quirky, yet brilliant neuroscientist working for the National Research Institute of Police Science. Wielding a unique perspective and psychology, Tsukumo tackles the nation's most baffling crimes and scandals, going head-to-head with the most brilliant and twisted criminal minds. But his eccentricities and poor social timing can also aggravate people and circumstances, further complicating matters.

* Kimura Takuya as Tsukumo Ryusuke
* Ayase Haruka as Yuri Kazune
* Mizushima Hiro as Hayashida Toranosuke
* Hiraizumi Sei as Funaki Junpei
* ~love~ Osamu as Kanda Junichi
* Yamazaki Shigenori as Ochi Koichi

# File: AVI with English (Hardsub)
# 1 DVD Data


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great...but where r the RS links???

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sorry, i dont provide rs link in this blog...

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